Product:  Dream Weave Hair Clip

Product No: HME0030

Special Skills:  Braiding

Dream Weaves are beautiful hair clips with a Native American design, and are braided from embroidery thread.

Income : $133.50 per unit of 45 Dream Weaves. (includes supply cost and shipping) = $2.97 per weave
Labor only:  $2.67 each

Supplies:  Company pays $13.50 per unit for supplies and shipping.  What a wonderful way to use up that embroidery thread from the flea markets or in the bottom drawer.

Startup Cost: $34.95.  Startup cost fully refunded if you are not satisfied with the kit, or fully refunded after third completed unit.
Kit includes instruction manual, initial phone support (toll free number), and enough supplies to get you started.

The Company:  Does not withhold taxes or pay any unemployment benefits of any kind.
Sample Dream Weaves are available for $5.00 each.


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