Product:  Butterfly Garden Magnet

Product No: HME0055

Special Skills:  None

Just measuring, cutting and gluing make these magnets.  They are simple, fun to make and NO SEWING!

Income : $9.00 per unit of 24 = $0.37 per magnet  
We also pay you $3.00 for materials and shipping.  

Company can provide all materials! They only require a minimum deposit of $7.00, which is refunded to you in your payment.  You will probably make more money if you get your supplies locally. All of the assemblers that have been with the company for over 1 year get their own supplies. When you get your instructions, you can take them to a local craft store to see if you can get supplies cheaper.

Startup Cost:
$24.00.  $15.00 of startup cost refunded within 30 days if not satisfied.  Full start-up fee is refunded upon earning $100 with the company.  Kit includes sample magnet and all instructions to make one butterfly

The Company:  Does not withhold taxes or pay any unemployment benefits of any kind.
Sample butterfly available for $5.00.


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