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Your Trading Card Maker

Professional Cards in Minutes --

Templates included with the software, plus my own PowerSeller Trading Card are at the end of this auction!

Make your own major league sports trading cards starring you and your teammates. Everything you need is in the box - choice of templates for each sport, patent pending "goof-proof" high quality card paper - all you provide is the picture.

What a GIFT for your child! 

Or start your own business selling personalized Trading Cards on eBay.

And they're simple to make: just choose the pre-designed template for your sport, pop in your picture, enter your stats, and print. Includes specific templates for baseball, basketball, football, soccer and hockey, and a free-form template for all other sports. there are even landscape templates for team pictures.

Trade them with your friends, send them to your relatives.

Unique Features and WHAT IS INCLUDED:

  • PC and MAC Software

  • 3 sheets of paper, each prints 4 cards

  • Simple template interface lets you create cards in minutes

  • Patent Pending paper peels and folds for perfect goof-proof cards

  • Custom templates for baseball, basketball, football, soccer & hockey

  • Landscape mode for team cards and stats

  • Dozens of professionally designed templates for that major league look

  • Works with most color printers

Free shipping for card refills if purchased with software from our eBay store.  Refill sheets of trading card paper can be purchased in our eBay store.

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My Personal Trading Card Made With This Software

See how easy it is to use this software?  I made this sample trading card in about 5 minutes the first time I used the software.

Trading Cards are NOT just for sports anymore!

Use our "Miscellaneous Cards" to show off your little ballerina or gymnastics star.   You can also use these for golf, boxing, wrestling, or showcase your best horse.

Plus they are fun for all kinds of invitations like birthdays or baby showers, announcements, wedding favors, and that special Valentine card.

They can even be used as business cards.



System Requirements:
Pentium 90 or better
Win 95/98/2000/ME/XP/Vista
16 MB Ram or more if available
16 MB Hard Drive Space
Color Monitor
Color Printer


Power Macintosh PPC processor
Mac OS 8 or higher
8 MB Ram (16 MB recommended)
16 MB Ram or more if available
16 MB Hard Drive Space
Color Monitor
Color Printer

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