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HME8000 - $49.00
[sent on CD - free shipping]
Does include government grant and cross stitch software.  (Does NOT include any other software or any items in the "Other" category)

What is the most frequently asked question we get? 
"Why haven't I received my order?"

  Because you did not read the "How to Order" instructions.  Your email spam controls are blocking or deleting our email OR you sent us a money order and did not include your email address

You MUST ADD OUR EMAIL ADDRESS of to you allowed email addresses in your email program.  We receive countless emails asking why their order was not received.  It was sent on time, but, again, you did NOT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

Four VERY IMPORTANT instructions:

  • To pay with PayPal, be sure you have turned off your pop-up blocking software.
  • DO NOT include start-up fees or any deposit in your payment to us. If you do, we will return your payment and not fill your order.  You will pay the company directly after you receive the information from us.  We are in no way associated with any of the companies listed on our website.
  • You MUST check your email controls to be certain email from is not blocked.  Please DO NOT assume it isn't blocked without checking your spam settings on your email provider's website.  You may have to manually go in and add our email address to your allowed email.  If your product is sent by email with an attachment, be sure your email settings will receive attachments from us. 

    Problem servers to date include the following:  AOL, attbi, atti, byesville, cargovansonly, charter, cox, earthlink, hotmail, jazzvalley, lacrosse, MSN, netzero, nc.rr, people.pc, sbcglobal,,  siginet, swbell, sympatico, verizon, yahoo, and many private email accounts depending on how your controls are set.
  • We DO NOT accept personal checks.  If you want to pay by check, do so through PayPal.  If you send us a personal check, we will void your check and not fill your order.  It will not be returned to you.

How To Review Items and Order

If you are paying by credit card or PayPal echeck:

  1. Browse our site to view the products by clicking on the links on the left-hand side of the page.  An new index will then be shown on the left-hand side of the screen.  Scroll down on the index and click on the name of the item you want to view.  The item will appear in the large part of the screen.  As you find a product you wish to order, click on the "Add To Cart" button in the upper left hand corner of that page you are viewing.
  2. When you click on “Add to Cart” to order that item, another screen will pop up showing that product has been ordered.
  3. Continue browsing the site for additional items, clicking on “Add to Cart” for each item.  As you select additional items, each additional item will be added to your “Shopping Cart”.  The “Shopping Cart” may be minimized along the bottom of your screen at times, and simply click on it to view your order.
  4. When you have selected all of the products you wish to order, follow the instructions on the “Shopping Cart” to check out through PayPal.  If you are not yet a PayPal member, the instructions for free sign-up through PayPal will help you register.

If you are paying by money order or cash:

  1. Click Here.  A new window will open.  Print out the Order Form.
  2.  Browse our site to view the products, and then check each product you would like to order on the Order Form.
  3. Complete the top part of the Order Form making sure you clearly print your email address.
  4. Mail the Order Form and your payment to us at the address shown on the Order Form.

Delivery Information

  • All information is sent by email unless otherwise indicated in the product information
  • Information (other than software) is sent by email and is also available on CD.  If you order on CD, you will also receive a free copy of our Home Craft Business Manual containing a wealth of information to start you in your own home business.  For CD and Manual, USA residents, add $4.00 for shipping and handling to your total purchase amount.  ($5.00 for Canada, $6.00 for all other countries).
  • Payments by credit card through PayPal:   we will email you the information within 48 hours of your credit card approval.
  • Payment by money order or cash:   we will email you the information as soon as we receive your payment by Postal mail 
  • Payment by echeck through PayPal:   we will email you the information within 48 hours of PayPal notifying us your check has cleared (approximately 5 - 8 days).
  • There are no shipping charges unless your email program will not accept the size of the file, in which case the shipping and handling charges are set forth on each individual description.
  • You MUST check your email controls to be certain email from is not blocked.  Please do NOT assume it isn't blocked without checking your spam settings on your email provider's website.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: We do not insure your package because insuring has proven to be cost prohibitive. Upon request at time of payment, we will email you proof of shipping. We have not had an international package lost. However, if your package is lost or stolen en route, we cannot be responsible for its replacement.

If you do not receive an email from us within 48 hours of us receiving your payment, your email provider's spam controls are blocking our email, or you have furnished us with an invalid email address.

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