No Sewing

Order All No Sewing
HME2000 - $19.00
$3.90 Each for the following:

Hair Accessories

Dream Weave

Glamour Bow


Artisan Jewelry

Faith Bracelet

Jewel Bracelet

Twister Bracelet


Beaded Ornaments

Christmas Spider

Happiness Bell


Easy Bookmarks
Refrigerator Magnets
Angel Magnet
Butterfly Garden Magnet

Potpourri Bonnet Magnet


Country Angel

 Fancy Frames

Hat Sachet

Key Chains

Pen Pets

Doll House Miniatures
Bows (Miniature)
George Washington Calendar
Priority Mail Set

Encyclopedia Set

Mini Books
Cream Cheese Box
Playing Cards
Paper Bag Set
Russian Tea Box Set

English Tea Box Set

Sparklers and Snaps Set

Lifestyles Condoms Box
Worship Hymnal
Hand Painted Hymnal
Hand Fan
Picture Frame
Vatican Bible Catechism
New American Catechism
Message Holder
Angel Prayer Card
New Testament

Order Everything !
HME8000 - $49.00
[sent on CD - free shipping]
Does include government grant and cross stitch software.  (Does NOT include any other software or any items in the "Other" category)
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