Machine Sewing

Order All Machine Sewing
(does NOT include Cross Stitch Program)
HME3000 - $14.00
Order All Machine And Hand Sewing
(Includes Cross Stitch Program)
HME6000 - $19.00
$10.90: Cross Stitch Software
$3.90 Each for the following:

Baby Items

Baby Bib

Baby Bonnet

Baby Burp Pad

Baby Hair Bands


CD Case

Eyeglass Case

Hair Cutting Capes

Oven Mitts


Stuffed Toys

Big Sister Dolls

Buddy Bear

Huggable Lamb

Order Everything !
HME8000 - $49.00
[sent on CD - free shipping]
Does include government grant and cross stitch software.  (Does NOT include any other software or any items in the "Other" category)
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