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HME8000 - $49.00
[sent on CD - free shipping]
Does include government grant and cross stitch software.  (Does NOT include any other software or any items in the "Other" category)

Our company is in constant contact with every company listed on our website.  If a company does not respond to our request for updates, they are dropped immediately. 

Why do some companies charge a start-up cost?

You will see some websites state "if there is a start-up fee, the company is no good."  This simply isn't true, and here is why. 

The companies who hire home assembly workers are very small.  There is no way they could stay in business if they furnished free supplies to everyone requesting them.  We have no problem with the start-up costs, particularly when hiring people through the internet.  We do suggest sending any start-up costs by certified mail return receipt requested. The cost for certified mail is about $2.50.  This way you have proof of who receives the fee and the date it is received.

Most start-up costs are refunded in one of two ways, so you really are not losing your money, and if the fees aren't refunded, we tell you.

  • If you get the kit and after looking it over, realize it isn't for you, most companies will refund almost all of your fee if the kit is returned in a reasonable time like two to four weeks;
  • If you decide to work for the company, your fee is 100% refunded after you complete a certain number of units for the company.  The kit generally contains enough supplies to complete several items that you sell back to the company, the necessary patterns, step-by-step instructions, and a phone number for any questions you may have.  One even has a video available to show you the assembly process.
  • The start-up expenses we show include any shipping and handling fees charged by the company.  No fees are hidden.


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